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Effortlessly Upload, Organize, and Manage User Content with Our Intuitive Solution
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User File Storage
Application File Storage
Multimedia Storage
Text and Document Storage
File Access Permissions
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Effortlessly Upload, Organize, and Manage User Content with Our Intuitive Solution

Enterprise-grade object storage built for scale, automated backups, security, and streamlined access control. Store and serve any volume of data with high availability, redundancy across availability zones, and cost efficiency without overprovisioning


import createClient from '@singlebase/singlebase-js'

const API_KEY = "[[my-api-key]]"

const singlebase = createClient({ api_key: API_KEY })  

 * <input id="file" type="file" /> 

const file = document.getElementById("file").files[0];

const {data, error} = await singlebase
  .upload(file, {title: "My Awesome Picture"})

if (data) {
  console.log(`File title: ${data?.title} `)

Storage Features

User File Storage
Store user-generated files securely, ensuring easy access and management for individual users.
Application File Storage
Manage and store application-specific files, supporting the needs of various applications with robust storage solutions.
Multimedia Storage
Store and manage multimedia files, including photos, audio, and videos, with high availability and reliability.
Text and Document Storage
Provide secure storage for text files and documents, ensuring data integrity and easy retrieval.
File Access Permissions
Implement file access permissions to control who can view, edit, or delete files, ensuring security and privacy.
File Metadata Management
Manage metadata for files, providing additional information and context for easier organization and retrieval.
Public and Private Storage Options
Offer both public and private storage options, allowing users to choose the visibility of their files.
Robust Storage Infrastructure
Ensure high availability and durability of stored files with a robust and scalable storage infrastructure.
Secure Data Transfer
Ensure secure data transfer with encryption protocols, protecting files during upload and download processes.
Data Backup and Recovery
Provide automated data backup and recovery options to safeguard against data loss and ensure business continuity.

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