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Hassle-Free and Secure Authentication for Application Made Easy
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Email and Password Authentication
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Social Login Integration
One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication
Password Reset Functionality
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Hassle-Free and Secure Authentication for Application Made Easy

Fully managed user authentication and access control system enables simple user signup, login, and access token generation out-of-the-box, with support for social login, two-factor authentication, and flexible permission presets.


import createClient from '@singlebase/singlebase-js'

const API_KEY = "[[my-api-key]]"

const singlebase = createClient({ api_key: API_KEY })  

// Create a user
const { data, error } = await singlebase
    email: 'user@singlebase',
    password: 'secureAW3s0meP@55w0rd_',
    display_name: 'SinglebaseCloud'

if (data) {
  console.log(`Welcome ${data?.display_name} back`)
} else {
  console.error('Unable to login. Try again later')

Auth Features

Email and Password Authentication
Allow users to create accounts and log in using their email addresses and passwords, providing a familiar and secure authentication method.
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Enhance security by requiring users to provide multiple forms of verification before accessing their accounts.
Social Login Integration
Enable users to log in with their social media accounts from providers like Google, Facebook, and GitHub, simplifying the sign-up and login process.
One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication
Offer one-time password (OTP) authentication via email or SMS for an added layer of security during the login process.
Password Reset Functionality
Provide users with an easy way to reset their passwords if they forget them, enhancing user experience and security.
User Management Dashboard
Access a comprehensive dashboard for managing user accounts, including viewing user details, modifying account settings, and monitoring user activity.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Allow users to log in once and gain access to multiple applications, streamlining the authentication process across different services. (coming soon)
Account Lockout Mechanism
Protect against brute force attacks by locking user accounts after a specified number of failed login attempts.
API Access for Authentication
Provide a robust API for integrating authentication and authorization features into various applications and services.
Session Management
Manage user sessions effectively, including session timeout settings and the ability to revoke sessions when necessary.
Compliance with Security Standards
Adhere to industry-standard security practices and regulations, ensuring the authentication system meets compliance requirements.
Customizable UI Components
Offer customizable user interface components for authentication flows, allowing seamless integration with the application's design. (coming soon)

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